In Memory Of...

 We want to help those who have lost their beloved pet, remember who they were to them in life. 

 We also hope that it helps them to know that their pet will always be remembered. 


Our Services



On of the most traditional choices for your best friend's final resting place.


A way to put your pet to rest where you can keep them at home on in our columbarium

Other Services

Other services such as pick-up from your home or the vet, and maintinence.



Pet up to 66 lbs:

$768 + HST

Includes the burial site ($345), opening and closing ($128), an economic casket ($185), a basic memorial stone ($75), and 1 year maintenance ($35)

Pet up to 100lbs:

$938 + HST

Includes the burial site ($420), opening and closing ($158), an economic casket ($250), a basic memorial stone ($75), and 1 year maintenance ($35)

Small pet (hamster, turtle, etc.) under a tree:

$215 + HST

Includes the burial site ($150), a basic memorial stone ($65)

Full Body Burial

Burial of Ashes

*Does not include cremation service*

Columbarium: $240+HST

Includes a 11" x 8" niche ($175) and  a basic memorial plaque ($65)

Under a tree: $255+HST

Includes burial site with tree ($190) and basic memorial stone ($65)




Communal cremation does not allow for the return of your pet's ashes. It is the lowest cost to help put your pet to rest.

$110 (up to 22 kg)

$120 (23 to 44 kg)

$130 (45 kg and up)



Individual/Private cremation allows for the return of your pet's ashes. It includes a basic scattering/burial urn.

$220 (11 to 22 kg)
$240 (23 to 44 kg)

$260 (45 kg and up )


Visitation & Viewing: $150 + HST

During this hard emotional time, there is the opportunity to bid a final farewell to your beloved pet. You are given access to a private viewing room where you can view as much or as little of the cremation process as you wish. Upon completion of the process, you will be able to take the ashes of your pet home with you in your desired urn or keepsake. This service is done directly through Pets Above Ltd. We encourage you to get in contact with them to set up an appointment.



Plot Maintenance

An annual fee that is paid to maintain your plot


The fee of $35 is paid annually.

Every 3 Years

A fee of $90 is paid every 3 years. (You save $15)

Every 5 Years

 Fee of $150 is paid every 5 years. (You save $25)

Holding Vault

Our holding vault is free if you are using our burial services or cremation; however, if you no longer wish to use our services, a $50.00 holding fee will be charged if the pet is held for 24 hours or more. In case the pet passes away during the time the ground is frozen, we will hold pet in the vault (no extra cost) until the ground thaws for burial purposes.


There is an additional for picking up your pet from your veterinary clinic or from home. This service can help make it easier for you to focus on the details of the funeral rather than having to worry about getting to our facility. 

Please make sure to contact us quote.


Cat Shaped Urn

A decorative urn that comes in the shape of a cat. Comes in black, fawn, and sable.

Photo/Paw Combo

An urn that can be  placed on a table or hung on a wall. It has space for a picture of your pet and a paw print keepsake (sold separately).

Cat Silhouette Urn

A beautiful metallic urn with an engraved silhouette of a cat. Comes in blue, maroon, and green.

Metal Short Urn

A short metal urn with an engraved paw print on the lid. 

Angel Pet Urn

A decorative ceramic urn that has an angel dog or cat watching over your pet's ashes.

Metal Urn

A decorative metal urn with engraved paw prints to hold your pet's ashes.

Memory Candle

A beautiful candle that holds a small portion of your pet's ashes. Comes in sand, sage, and cafe.

Cloisonne Heart

A beautiful heart-shaped keepsake that has a cloisonne design. It can have a red, blue, or beige floral design or a butterfly.

Granite Heart

A small granite heart-shaped urn to hold a small portion of the ashes. Comes in earth and blue.

Keepsake Stand

A small metal stand to hold your keepsake on a table.

Metal Heart

A small heart-shaped metal keepsake that holds a small portion of the pet's ashes. Comes in pewter and slate. 

Terra Cotta

Impression of your pet's paw.

Glazed Paw

Comes in blue, black, brown, orange, green, red, pink, or purple.

Paw Print Stand

A plastic stand to display your pet's paw print at home.

3D Terra Cotta

Speckled Paw

Comes in blue, sandstone, yellow, lime, red, or orange.

Paw Print Shadow Box

A shadow box to display your pet's paw print.

Fossilized Paw

Comes in brown, pink, rust, black, or grey

3D Paw

Comes in black, brown, grey, rust, or pink.



The basic urn that comes free with most cremation services.

Ceramic Paw Urn

A beautiful ceramic urn that has paw prints on it.

Birch/Cherry Box

A decorative box to hold your pets ashes.

Bamboo Box

A basic decorative box made from bamboo to hold your pet's ashes

Ceramic Urn

A beautiful ceramic urn to hold your pet's ashes. Comes in sand, blue, and rose colours.

Picture Box

A decorative box that has a picture of your pet. Comes in birch and cherry wood.



Paw Prints


Sunshine Pet Cemetery is a family run pet cemetery located on the beautiful grounds at Pinetree Pet Resort in Guelph, offering full-service pet burials. Providing everything you need for that perfect memorial to a true friend. We know you will find our Sunshine Pet Cemetery a beautiful final resting place for your beloved pet. 

We offer a wide variety of services including ground burial in a private plot and interment of cremated remains (Columbarium). We take into consideration the religious or personal beliefs of the pet owner when setting up the arrangements.

The loss of a pet is very painful and how a person copes and manages the final arrangements is different. For that reason, we allow some private time to say goodbye and to place personal belongings in the casket. Each ceremony is tailored to the wishes of the pet owner. 

The time of your pet’s death brings emotional stress. Pre-planning provides the opportunity to make arrangements ahead of time. Our services include pre-arrange pet burials, and we offer pre-paid plots for the family that wants adjoining plots for more than one pet. You can make decisions in a period of calm rather than crisis, eliminating any additional stress when your loss occurs. A holding vault is available for the winter months



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